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Managing Emotional Health as an Essential Worker

Essential Worker

The pandemic has made it so that millions of people worldwide have to change how they think about “work”, whether it involves working remotely or from home. Some essential employees work in various industries that still have to continue working with the public. They include firefighters, emergency medical workers, bus drivers, and grocery store workers.

Essential employees do a lot of important work, and the last thing that anyone wants is for these essential employees to have their mental health affected to the point where they are not able to work anymore. Here is some actionable advice that can help essential employees manage their emotional health during this time.

Find A Support Network

One of the most critical aspects of your emotional health is knowing that there are people in your life that appreciate you and who will always “have your back.” Even though many people are sheltering in place, essential employees should find a support network that makes the most sense for their personality and lifestyle.

You don’t have to manage your emotional health alone. Essential employees should go out of their way to find a support network of some kind, whether it involves a virtual game or movie night, a Bible study night, or just a night where you virtually hang out with some family or old friends.

Practice Self-Care

Self-care can take on many forms, but essential employees have to think about how to remain as emotionally healthy as possible. One key tip for essential employees is always making sure that to get as much sleep as possible.

Some people may turn to meditation to manage their emotional health, while other essential employees may practice self-care by journaling, going to therapy, or calling their friends. Self-care can look like a lot of different things to essential employees. Self-care might be a healthy diet to some, a hot bath to others, or even a daily walk to clear your head.

If you feel like your emotional health is not improving no matter what you do, it might be time to speak to a professional of some kind. Essential employees should be able to understand when it is the right “time” to speak to a mental health professional. If you have any concerns at all about your emotional health, there are often free or low-cost counselling options available through virtual channels regardless of where you live.

Acknowledge Your Situation

Many people tend to suppress the things they have to deal with, and it can end up doing more harm than good in the long run. You might have had some emotional health concerns before the pandemic, only to find that the last year has only made the situation worse. There’s nothing wrong with being honest about your emotional health. In fact, seeking support is the best and most powerful thing to do for yourself instead of trying to convince yourself that everything is fine.

There’s a lot to stress about these days. You might be worried about whether your workplace is safe, whether your company is going to lay off more employees, or whether you will be able to pay rent this month. Essential workers are the backbone of our world right now. You deserve the care and support you need, so be sure to be upfront with yourself and your employer about what you need to stay physically and emotionally healthy.

Millions of people are working day and night in risky conditions and should be allowed to vent their frustrations. If you want to remain emotionally healthy, it’s best to acknowledge what is happening rather than downplay it or dismiss it.


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