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Membership in the National Association of Dental Assistants offers you a wealth of important career advantages.  The moment you join, you become a vital part of a thriving network of professionals dedicated to promoting the careers of those who, by the very nature of their critical work, are responsible for promoting the dental health of mankind.

NADA assists members in achieving their career goals by keeping you informed of advances in the practice and technology of dental hygiene.  We offer a variety of educational programs and promote the free exchange of ideas among peers to enhance job satisfaction and encourage your professional development.

Members enjoy a generous package of benefits.The annual membership investment is a good value and far less than fees charged by many comparable organizations.  Plus there are two year discounts available!  So what are you waiting for....Become a member today and get a free gift!

Contact us at 900 S. Washington St., Suite #G13, Falls Church, VA 22046, Phone (703) 237-8616 or   Fax (703) 533-1153

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